Hi I’m Ali, aside from modelling I am a graphic designer and lover of all things creative.

During this lockdown period, I have been fortunate to work in an industry where working from home is possible and I am grateful for that. Working within digital design too, this is a key area for many businesses while technology and reaching consumers remotely is so important. So I hope my work is able to help these businesses in this challenging time.


Although work has been keeping me busy, one part of lock down I have really enjoyed, is the extra time in the morning now my commute is only a short walk across the flat! I now use this time to do a workout from home, or make and enjoy a cooked or healthy breakfast to start the day right. Both are so important for mental and physical wellbeing in this time too.


Living in a flat in a city has had it’s challenges, however I have explored the hidden corners and become more familiar with my local area than ever before. My appreciation of open spaces and nature has let the country bumpkin inside me reappear! Not only have I grown to appreciate the natural world around us, but I have also grown to appreciate feeling natural and good in my own skin by not wearing makeup most days. Which is always a positive!

I have definitely become closer with my family in this time, we have a weekly FaceTime. It has made me appreciate how lucky we are to get on so well and how important it is to make time for your family and loved ones. (I can also say that my general knowledge has definitely improved from all the quizzes with my friend’s too!)


I have learned to appreciate the things we normally take for granted since being in lockdown. However, most importantly in this time, the amazing work by all our brave key workers and the support respect they received has been truly incredible. Though the Thursday clap has now finished, I will still be thinking of them all.


This challenging time will pass and I am looking forward to the time I can be reunited with all my friends and family and we can all do the things we love.