Well hello there… my name is Ben Paul. I currently model and have aspirations in the film and acting industry. I thought I would share my current experience with the infamous lockdown that is currently taking place around us.

Since lockdown I have used the opportunity to educate myself in things that are of interest. For one this has been acting/film where I have studied materials online. This has been hugely enlightening and something I have found great to pass the time. This can apply to any subject and topic you may wish to study.

It has proved difficult not seeing friends, which I’m sure many of you can relate to. I don’t know about you but I’ve actually reached out to more people over the phone that I haven’t spoken to in ages since lockdown. This honestly, as sad to say as it is, certainly wouldn’t have been the case as I usually lead such a busy life and would struggle to have the time. This is one thing that I found could certainly be beneficial. Even if reaching out to a loved one for just one hour a day, I believe this can certainly reap the rewards as it is an outlet in conversation and keeps you in touch with your friends or your loved ones even though it’s not in a physical way.

I’m lucky enough to share my apartment with a good friend so we make sure we are either out in our garden chilling or incorporating our 1 hour exercise daily by going for a run around the city centre. This personally keeps me content but I strongly believe doing a form of exercise daily will benefit your mental health massively so would strongly recommend doing this one. One thing that my flat mate and myself are keen on doing is watching one film, at the end of the day, which we may have not seen before. It’s great for us as we both absolutely adore films and it’s such a delight to have the time to do it. However, if films are maybe not your thing, maybe a book or a puzzle or any past time you may have that you would love to do.

Obviously, I know this lockdown can be a struggle for many of you and believe you me it hasn’t been the easiest for myself. However, one thing that we must remember is that we have been given so much time to fall in love with what we want to again, rediscover ourselves and actually have a bit of ‘me’ time to reminisce.

Just remember keep smiling and everything will be alright. Stay safe and take care of yourselves.