Today we had a selection of our lovely girls in the office for an exciting casting for OKAYLA, a new sports luxe casual brand for women! What better way to celebrate international women’s day? For some of our girls today was their first casting, so we decided to put together a little blog post to help both new and experienced models alike on how to correctly prepare for a casting.


  • Turn up early – Not only does it create the opportunity for you to be seen first but it makes a good impression.
  • NO gum.
  • Don’t be late – Sometimes things go wrong and that can’t be avoided, however you should always allow yourself enough time to get to your destination and take into account any factors which could impact the length of your journey.
  • When attending a casting come fresh faced. Minimal to no make-up is ideal.
  • Dress simply for a casting. Wear slim fitting clothing to outline your body for example; jeans and a tank top.
  • Come prepared. It is always recommended that you bring along a hair bobble, heels and a pair of flats.
  • Eat a substantial breakfast prior to the casting and bring a snack and a bottle of water with you. You may be waiting a while and it could get quite hot therefore it’s important to look after yourself and stay hydrated.
  • Do your research into who the casting is for. It is always advised you understand the brand and what they may want from a model.
  • A phone charger is essential, especially if you plan on using your phone to help navigate you to your destination.
and finally:
You are a representative of Model Students so always be polite and friendly. Don’t forget to smile!

Do you have any tips when it comes to castings?