Social distancing and self-isolation has proven to be hard to deal with, but you just have to remember, you are not alone!

One way I have found that has lifted my spirits during this difficult time is by staying connected with family and friends; it doesn’t just help your mental health but the others you connect with. This time makes us all reflect on how lucky we are to have so many caring people surrounding us.

Luckily having animals is also a massive perk at the moment! I’m sure everyone’s fur babies are getting longer walks, extra belly rubs and lots of play time. I love going for walks and the weather is certainly helping! It really has made me appreciate life and the environment that surrounds us.

Some people may be alone in their house self-isolating, so when I am on a walk and see someone gardening or outside the front of their house, I always say hello and ask how they are (at a safe distance). Just by simply asking how they are doing and be polite could make their day.

There is a lot of uncertainty about when we will be able to start returning to our “normal lives” but when it does happen, let’s keep on making people smile, checking up on family & friends close to our hearts and let’s celebrate for getting through this together.