Growing a beard can make you stand out in the modelling industry. A great beard can be an amazing asset and with a little patience and dedication you can grow a beard that will rival others. It’s a great way to get a step up on competition or  to stand out in a crowd.

We’ve put together a couple tips that will help you grow a healthy beard and set you off in the right direction for your beard journey.

Before we dive into these 5 tips it’s important to understand that growing a beard takes patience. A lot of your beard growth will boil down to your genetics but there are things you can do to assist the growth process. If your beard is going to be  photo shoot ready it’s important to make sure it’s healthy. Here’s some tips to get you started on the right path.

Tip #1) You Can’t Replace Diet and Exercise

I know it sounds cliché but your diet and exercise will affect your ability to grow a beard. The focal point of how this relates to your beard growth is its correlation to your testosterone levels. Testosterone helps build muscle, another side effect of high levels of testosterone is more hair growth.

When you eat a diet rich in proteins and focus on a weight lifting exercising routine your testosterone levels rise. The more you exercise the more testosterone your body will produce.

With this cycle of proteins, weights, and testosterone it becomes easier to see how it effects your ability to grow a beard. Not only will this help you grow a beard quicker you’re also keeping your body healthy and it keeps you looking fresh.

Tip #2) Yes, It’s Going to Itch!

The biggest drop out point for the majority of men trying to grow a beard is during the beard itch phase. If you’ve never grown a beard before you’re much more likely to experience this phase of beard growth. Your skin may feel tingly, rough, and it will itch.

Go ahead and itch your beard and relieve yourself but just don’t shave your beard off! Consider this a right of passage and don’t worry about it lasting forever because it doesn’t. Beard itch typically lasts a week or two and after that it’ll go away on its own.

You just need to survive long enough for your facial hair to grow out. A lot of the itch comes from the smaller hairs you’ve never given a chance to grow out in the past. They’re now growing out and making room in your skin to settle in.

Tip #3) External Help

Yes, beard growth products work and they do help but they’re not all  scientifically proven. Don’t go out and take some vitamins your uncle recommended and claimed helped him grow a beard. It’s important to do your research and see what’s working for different people.

The truth is it depends on your personal situation what kind of beard products you should use. If you’re not having any issues growing a beard but would like to make sure your beards healthy and to speed up the process you can take beard supplements or pick up Biotin from your local store.

If you’re experiencing weak beard growth in a few spots, then you’ll be better off using Minoxidil. So, as you can see it deciding what help you need help is a personal thing.

However, no matter what your situation may be I do encourage you to seek out one to use. This is going to speed up your beard growth and get you to a better beard quicker.

Tip #4) Learn More About Beard Oil & Balm

Now that you’re growing a beard you’ll need to learn a little about beard oils and beard balms. Beard oils are going to be your new best friend. You can begin using beard oil at any phase of your beard journey. I encourage you to begin using beard oil right from the beginning since it also helps with beard itch.

Beard oil helps keep your beard healthy. As your beard gets larger it becomes more difficult for your natural oils to reach out to the tips of your beard. Beard oil makes up for the lack of natural oils and guarantees your beard gets the nutrients it needs. It also can give you a pleasant scent… I personally enjoy some of the woody scents.

Once you achieve some level of beard growth you can begin using beard balm. Beard balm is a butter like texture that has some similar benefits of beard oil. The biggest different Is beard balm gives you a level of hold for your facial hair.

When it comes to modeling and having a beard that’s going to look excellent and be moldable it’s going to take a little beard balm. The moment you have a small beard I would pick some up and begin experimenting with it to see how it feels and what you’re able to do with it.

Tip #5) Avoid Touching Your Beard

Try to only touch your beard when required. If you’re applying beard oil or washing your beard you’re going to have to touch it. Grooming and styling are a must but avoid touching your beard at any other times. Why? Well, have you ever seen a guy growing a beard that has a lack of beard growth right below his chin?

That’s because the chin is the most common area we touch our beards. Doing this to often and out of habit causes us to strip natural oils from the beard in this spot and reduces beard growth. Not only does this reduce beard growth but it’ll cause your beard hairs to begin falling out.

If you’re already in the habit of stroking your facial hair try and break it. It’s a bad habit that’s going to prevent you from having a model worthy beard.

Discovering Your Beard Style

There are many different beard style. If you’ve never grown a beard before and aren’t sure which one you should try here are my recommendations. I suggest growing your natural full beard out before experimenting because your natural beard may turn out to be excellent!

When you take this route, you can always use beard balms or a beard straightener to change the way your beard appears from day to day. This gives you tons of wiggle room to do different things without any beard cutting.

If you reach a point where you’re not satisfied with your natural beard, then always go for beard styles that require less trimming. You can always try styles that require less trimming first and move on to the next but if you cut off too much to soon you’ll have to spend time re-growing your beard.

Chris bravely went blue and green for a shoot with KH Hair 

Beards on The Rise!

In case you haven’t noticed beards have been a growing trend for a couple of years now. Just look at Google’s trend map. With beards growing in popularity it’s no wonder we’re also seeing more male models with beards.

The most common beard trend in modelling tends to be a medium full beard. This style moves between a natural state and being straightened as I’ve mentioned earlier. I would expect this style to continue being one of the most desired styles in 2018.

It’s a style that doesn’t take away from any type of clothing style or background. If anything, this beard style fits in with almost everything and adds to the masculinity style of modelling.

Blog Post by Wesley