With these strange times going on in the world we have lots of busy key workers being strong and setting off to work everyday, but on the other side, the isolation side, it’s very odd having all of this free time. Lots of free time for our brain and bodies to go a little crazy and lazy I guess. But that’s okay, we are all human and we all need time to digest what is going on and it’s okay to have pyjama days! But on the days where we do feel motivated and proactive it’s normally one of the better days.

As I am a dancer I get active and do online workouts, stretches and Instagram live dance classes. Yes it’s good to keep a routine of things, but mixing things up is also good. I have tried to find different workouts or yoga flows which I haven’t done before, so it keeps my mind working. Being a dancer and model I am my own business and product so I have to try new things to keep developing not only my personal but my career growth as well. I have made my own website for starters, and I have also spoken with a photographer to shoot following the lockdown. So in these strange times we have to remember to be kind to ourselves and to try and keep focused on what we want to achieve. Just because the world has come to a stand still doesn’t mean our dreams have to too.