My name’s Jordan; I’m a Digital Marketing Freelancer and part time Model. Here’s my experience on coping with this global pandemic.

When I first heard ‘isolation’ I instantly thought of everything I wouldn’t be allowed to do over the coming weeks/months. Add pneumonia and other health issues, it’s been a very challenging time.

Now it’s time to take a more positive approach! Here’s how I done it. 

Keeping a Schedule. Daily routines have changed drastically. Setting alarms, getting dressed and setting work from home hours help me to stay motivated throughout the day.

Staying Active … Mentally. Being unable to exercise doesn’t mean sitting around, binge watching series on Netflix. I’ve been keeping myself busy learning new digital skills and songs on piano.

Connecting with People. The best coping mechanism! Reaching out to friends, family or colleagues, whether it be a quick chat or a long catch-up.

Eventually this will pass, but for now it’s crucial we all; stay home, stay safe but stay connected!