Hi my name is Joshua Sinkaiye, I am 19 years old. I’m currently studying Law in Leeds and have been a part of Model Students for 2 years.

This time period is definitely a challenge for everyone. However, I believe that having the right people beside you and having a routine will definitely help to make this period more enjoyable.

My time throughout this lockdown started off quite rocky as I didn’t know what to do now that I had gotten all this free time. For the first time I am grateful for having Uni work, it has helped me to fill time and keeps me distracted from what’s going on around me. I was starting to take the gym seriously at the beginning of September and then lockdown came (great timing), but I try to remain active in every way that I can, whether that be taking part in fitness challenges and also trying to be creative and make DIY weights which involve filling up by bag with heavy books or filling up buckets of water. I personally recommend using the Nike Training App which has a vast number of different workouts which has definitely been a life saver.

I find it important to try and talk to my friends as much as I can because we are all going through this strange yet scary time together. One thing that my friends and I do is have a quiz night or a group video call, which I am really grateful for. During this time, I am also looking to start up a new hobby either trying to get into a book or trying to understand a new language.

I find routines helpful because it stops you from just lying in bed all day which isn’t healthy for the mind. What I try and do is to make sure I wake up at a good time in the morning rather than waking up in the afternoon like I normally would do. This gives me a lot of time to focus on my Uni work.

Not being able to get a trim is something which I never thought would happen but I have really started to embrace how I look without a haircut and started to feel more confident which is something I wasn’t able to do before lockdown.  I’ve also taken the time to try and get better at posing in front of camera, I thought this would be a really hard and awkward process but I’ve started to really enjoy it because it has given me a chance to explore different poses and facial expressions to develop my modelling career.

I think it’s very important for everyone to remain safe and listen to the government’s advice because that way we can all be one day closer to being able to go out and enjoy ourselves.

Let’s continue to remain positive through these times because at the end of the day this isn’t going to be permanent.