One of our lovely new models Greta has had the wonderful experience of working for some of the biggest modelling agencies in the world. Taking her beautiful face all over the globe.
At Model Students we place a high value on the importance of our models education and aim to facilitate their careers as models alongside their studies, unlike other agencies. It’s important we take time to appreciate all the amazing things our models have done so we had a quick chat with Greta about, modelling, education, and life! Giving us an insight into the world of ‘Top Modelling’.

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MS: Where are you from and where would you consider home?

G: I’m from Slovakia from a quiet little town (Komárno) close to the Hungarian border.

MS: What is your favourite colour?

G: Hm.. colours are not my forte, I usually mix them up and can’t tell the difference between many of them like purple and pink.  🙂 So I will play it safe and go with black. 

MS: How did you first get into modelling and how old were you?

G: I was just about to turn 14 . I was scouted in a shopping centre in Budapest by a former model/make up artist.

MS: Having been with one of the most renowned agencies in the world what have been the highs and lows of your modelling career so far?

G: Big agencies like Storm or Elite have the tendency to simply forget about you while you are there. Sometimes you feel like you are just a face in the crowd.  But also you get great goody bags from Storm and a huge discount for your gym membership. On the plus side you get to go to cool fashion parties!

MS: You have modelled in a few different countries, where would you say is the best place to be a model and where would you consider living?


G: My first trip was to South Korea, Seoul and even after I went back a couple of times as I loved every minute of it – the atmosphere, the city, the people, my agency! The clients were also great and treated their models with respect. I also really enjoyed Thailand, but I had quite a difficult time dealing with the heat there. But then there was Milan as well, gorgeous city, great food, happy people , good weather. It’s really hard to choose! 🙂

MS: Who has been your favourite designer to walk/shoot for?

G: I love Hasan Hejazi, he is such a fantastic designer. We have worked together 2-3 times so far.  I also adore Victoria Beckham.

MS: Who has been your favourite photographer to work with?

G: Definitely Rankin!

MS: What is your opinion on the “skinny model” on the catwalk and how did you overcome this problem yourself from your experiences?

G: When I was ‘younger’ (Greta is 22 now)  it wasn’t challenging to keep in shape as you have a childlike body, but when I started to get a feminine shape it became a lot more challenging to keep myself to the 83-60-88 cm (or less!)  fashion week standard. Especially when it came to competing with 14-16 year old girls who were a lot taller and skinnier. I felt old and fat. I know this sounds awful but try to imagine yourself in a room filled with 16 year old, 6 foot tall, long legged beautiful, skinny girls. 

Well, I think the industry is changing slowly but surely and brands such as Victoria Secret promoting an image of a fit, sporty, strong model. In London and In the US is definitely becoming a trend (hallelujah)

but unfortunately not in Paris… but maybe one day.

MS: What are you currently studying and why?

G: I’m currently doing my MA in Political Analysis of Eastern Europe and Russia at UCL and learning Russian on the side. 

MS: Have you found it difficult to study as well as model in the past and why do you think it is important for models to get an education?

G: To be honest I like studying alone I like to do things my way, but of course sometimes can be challenging to push yourself and while everyone is enjoying their free time you have to sit down and study! . Everywhere I travelled I had my books with me and when I went home I had a month to pass my exams and travel again. I think I worked out a good system for myself. 

For me modelling was a means to an end. I always knew I won’t be end up doing it as a profession, studying always came first for me so it was just natural to apply to university after finishing my A levels. 

Modelling is unstable. One month you might do well, but the next you might not be lucky anymore. I would never recommend to wait for a miracle to happen. You should always have a plan B. 

MS: What are your favourite things about the UK?

G: Loving the weather! (Not) London is a vibrant city, there is always a cool exhibition or a great play to go to. There are absolutely no excuses for staying at home and eating chocolate by yourself haha ( I do it though once a month for the sake of it) 


MS: What do you prefer Netflix or Amazon Prime?

G: Amazon Prime all the way. They have a great student discount! 

MS: Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus?

G: Taylor Swift! I can’t stand Miley 

MS: Lastly, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

G: Being covered in puppies  haha


Thank you to lovely Greta for taking time to answer all our questions, and thank you for gracing us with your stunnning face and style!
If you’re interested in booking  Greta for a shoot, please contact our London agent Jose.

Lots of Love,

Saz xo