Hi Guys, 

My name is Danny. I am a part time Model, semi professional footballer, sports coach and I am studying a psychology at the open university.

Due to the corona virus I am unable to do my normal routine. However for me I am making the most of this opportunity. So I thought I would tell you a little bit about my current routine. I have always been someone who loves to make the most of my days. So everyday I wake up at 6am. I smile, say a little bit of gratitude in my mind, do a 15 minute meditation and have a cold shower. This sets me up perfectly to start my day. I would then do some yoga, stretching and movement patterns that would usually take me around 30 minutes. Of course breakfast would follow straight after this. I usually like to have a warm glass of lemon water, some fruits and a BIG bowl of porridge. During the day I would either do my university work in the morning and then some sort of physical challenge in the afternoon and in between have my lunch.

My latest challenge I completed was the the half marathon which took me just under an hour and 40 minutes. In the evenings my girlfriend and I will cook together, exploring new vegan dishes. We’ve had some really delicious meals so far!

I feel like in every circumstance you find yourself in there is some sort of opportunity and it is within us where we can find these opportunities. I hope everyone else is making the most of the quarantine and finding a way to make their experience a positive one. I hope you can find something that I do everyday that will help you with your days. Good luck!