So you’re in lockdown. You’re not the only one, and you’re joined by millions of others across the country including your neighbours, friends, family, and colleagues. Now, as we approach the two month mark of these extreme government measures, I continue to be amazed by many of humanity’s feats. No, I am not referring to the numerous 5km world record claims that have been popping up on social media due to glitchy running apps, nor am I referring to the half of our population who have decided to try a whacky new hair style. Throughout this blog entry, I would like to touch upon some of the progressions and positive experiences that have helped to keep me going during these times. 


My name is Robert and I was first introduced to Model Students over 6 years ago as a model, but more recently, I have been taking control of bookings and helping behind the scenes at the agency. Since the lockdown started I have been living with my family in London, making the most of the time that we would not usually get to spend together. We have been cooking & baking, watching funny films and reminiscing over our most treasured memories together. This has made all the difference to my isolation experience. Although I am looking forward to the end of lockdown now, I remain optimistic and I continue to look for new ways to develop and enjoy my time from home.  

A treasured photo of mine from a family visit to Ireland feat. Little Jack at the bottom.

There has been a vast amount of change in a very small period of time. Many of these changes have provided us with a silver lining, and for some people possibly even a lifeline away from adversities that go amiss in our usual society. Since the start of the Lockdown carbon emissions are falling faster than ever recorded, Wildlife is returning to lost territories, families are spending more time together, people are exploring new ways to express themselves, and mental health has become more of a focus in our society than ever before. These are amongst many of the notable progressions we have made that are helping to provide some light in these dire times.


Despite all of these incredible advances over the past months, we cannot and we will not forget the tragedy, suffering, and sacrifice that every single person has endured from this global fight. We are also fighting our own battles in solitude and It is important to remember that each person’s experience is relative to their own. As individuals, we are not in a position to scrutinise each other’s hardships. We should not shame, or interrogate someone for sharing their feelings of disappointment over a cancelled holiday, not being able to go for a drink with lads, or having to cancel their popcorn and movie night tradition with the girls. Instead, try to listen. Maybe, you’ll consider reaching out to someone new, possibly for reasons unknown to you. By doing so, this will not only allow you to grow as a person but you will be supporting a larger cause and helping others along the way. 


In my opinion, the most incredible of changes have come from within each of us. I have felt an incredible sense of community being shared by each and every person. Community means something different to everyone of us and it has never been more important than it is now. For some, it might be the people that they bump into on their way to the local market, for others the people that they see at work or school each day. It could even mean a sense of security and the ability to feel safe, trusting that they still have their own sense of independence. Nevertheless, it is essential that we consider those who are most vulnerable in isolation. The time for each of us to broaden our communities has come and we should all make contact with those that we have not heard from in a while, or perhaps never before. Who is that person that just popped into your head? Make it a priority to give them a call. If you haven’t had the chance to already, let them know that they aren’t alone in this. 


For Modelstudents, we have had to defer all bookings for the first time in the 10 years that we have been operating. With over 200 models represented around the country we are very excited to get back to work and we’re all keeping optimistic that this time is fast approaching us. In the meantime, some of our models would like to share some of their experiences that are helping to keep them positive throughout the lockdown. Despite the lack of catwalk opportunities, and shooting sessions for MS, our models are also reaching out and making themselves busier than ever. Some of them would like to share their experiences in upcoming blog posts on our website over the coming days. Keep your eyes peeled, as we will be making regular updates over the coming weeks. 


There aren’t many opportunities that we’re able to get so many of our models together. This was a particularly special one following a very successful two day graduate show with Nottingham Trent University. 

For me, my community revolves around my friends, family, and Model Students. Over the past few weeks, I have taken the opportunity provided by the lockdown to return to some lost hobbies and forgotten passions. On occasion I have taken to social media to share a few activities that I have enjoyed diving into. Having studied Fine art at Nottingham Trent university, I am a keen painter who also plays a bit of guitar on the side. The response I have received to the work I have shared has not only been heart-warming, but motivational as well. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this. Each of you have supported me during this lockdown. For the people in my life that I have not yet had the opportunity to contact, if you happen to be reading this, feel free to get in contact and reach out to me as well. It will be lovely to hear from you. Lastly, I urge readers to pick up old hobbies and chase down new dreams. Although the rush and hum of ‘normal’ life has been seemingly put on pause, it is in all of us to carry on and become stronger than ever before.

Another photo from a photoshoot with JBL that I shared with some friends/models from Model Students a couple of years back. 

I hope that this post has made a positive impact on your day, and has provided you with something useful to take away from it. From all of us at Model Students, we wish you and all of your loved ones the very best. 


Kind regards,


Robert x