It’s crazy to think that just 3 months ago I was just starting at Model Students and within a few days I was contacted by the lovely Sabrin (Event Organiser) to source 16 of our wonderful girls for her Shahrazad Fashion Show.

                     IMG_1335  IMG_1310

The show took part on the 20th March and our girls looked incredible!

Of course no fashion show is complete without a few hiccups along the way! I think it is safe to say that for any model agent, a fashion show is one of the most daunting events to oversee as a booker. Nevertheless, a few drop outs, a couple of A&E cases and a broken toe later the final day was upon us and we had 16 fantastic girls ready to hit the catwalk at the Amba Hotel (Marble Arch) for a stunning line up of 10 middle-eastern designers.


Anna & Pauline with our lovely friend and volunteer fitter Julia

The line up of talented designers was as follows:

Chandelier Boutique


Rana Riri

Bothena Balgon

Amal Haute Couture





Mona Rayhan


Have a look at the girls on the runway and see for yourselves, even our founder Anna made a comeback and rocked some middle-eastern chic!

IMG_1315 IMG_1314Chandelier Boutique_02 Chandelier Boutique_04 Chandelier Boutique_06 Chandelier Boutique_09

(From top left to bottom right) Alison, Ruxandra, Jodie, Kirstie, Emily & Ruxandra with Chendelier Boutique Designer!

Bothena Balgon_02 Bothena Balgon_05 Bothena Balgon_06 Bothena Balgon_10

Bothena Balgon_11

(From top left to bottom) Becca, Diana, Jordan, Momo & Diana and Anna B with Bothena Balgon Designer 😀

Rana RIri_01 Rana RIri_03 Rana RIri_09

(From left to right) Rana Riri Designer, Emily & Amber S

I would like to thank all our wonderful girls who took part and to those who were unable to take part due to illness; to our wonderful two helpers Verity and Julia and of course to my two wonderful colleagues Anna & Pauline for being a huge support to us all on the evening! You are all amazing and I can’t wait to work with you on another show soon!

Until next time!

José x

Photo credits to Arvebettum, My Focal Point London & JPhotography

Thanks to Farah at Aelia Events for having our girls take part.