I have always been a morning bird, especially in the summer when I wake up and the sun is already up and shining in through my windows.

When the lockdown started on the 23rd March, I spent the first couple of weeks with a bit of ‘quarantine fever’.  I would spend the whole day lounging around in bed, all of my daily routines going out the window. However, after a week or so of not feeling like my usual energetic, creative, go get life, me, I really tried to focus on getting into a new routine. This has not been my usual routine, but it is one that is healthy, makes my mind and body feel good throughout the whole day. I try my best to stick to my routine most days. Waking up to a sunny morning honestly sets my day off to a pretty good start no matter what.

I am already 100 times happier and more willing to get out of bed than before. It has been so lovely to have some gorgeous weather to accompany this! Part of my morning routine has been fitting in a short stretch or yoga session. Some days it’s only 20 minutes, other days longer. Getting my body moving in the morning sets me up for the day, and I generally feel better for it. It is also a time of the day for me when no one else is up yet so it is a nice time to check in with my own thoughts and feelings. By incorporating some yoga into my morning routine, it has also provided me with a challenge to improve. I have been trying to improve on my inversions, improving my arm stands, and working on holding a handstand. By setting these goals it has given me something to work towards in a period when I have the free time to spend on it.

I hope everyone is well, staying safe and spending time doing the things that usually you wouldn’t have the chance to do!