It is safe to say that the past year has been an unusual one here at Model Students, with many shows and jobs being cancelled or postponed we have been figuring out new ways to work. Many of our models have been keeping themselves busy getting creative and focusing on their health and wellbeing (check out our series of lockdown blogs to find out more) however, this particular blog is here to let you know that we are back in action and ready to do whatever it takes to make your booking work.

In an exciting development a number of our models have been producing photo and video content for our clients from their own homes! Some of our models and clients currently feel more comfortable working from home, if that is the case for you we are 100% supportive. Some of our models are actually film, photography and fashion students so they are well equipped to get creative and produce content at home!

If home shoots are not for you we would like to put your minds at ease by telling you about the precautions we are taking for regular bookings.

  • If any of our clients think they have symptoms or could be infected we are happy to cancel/rearrange bookings without a cancellation fee
  • If any of our models think they have symptoms or could be infected we will do everything we can to find a replacement model or will help to rearrange the booking.
  • We are now offering reserve model bookings where for a small additional fee we can book a backup model  just in case your model has to cancel last minute.
  • We are constantly referring to Industry standard guidelines to help advise on all elements of the photoshoot – MUA – Studio – Photographer – Model
  • We are speaking to both models and clients to ensure that they are comfortable with the social distancing measures that are in place at each job.
  • We are advising models and clients to wear masks where possible and to sanitise hands regularly at jobs.
  • Where possible we are trying to book shoots at outdoor locations
  • We are advising models to avoid public transport where possible and we are booking models as locally as we can.

If any of our models, clients or friends have any queries regarding how we are functioning during these unusual times we would welcome you getting in touch. We are delighted that the vaccination roll out is in full swing and we hope that it won’t be too long before we can see your wonderful faces at a fashion show!