At a time of political, economic and environmental uncertainty its all too easy to panic about the future of our planet and the lives that inhabit it.

Then occasionally something pops up on your Facebook feed that makes you smile and forces you to think about the positive changes over the past couple of years instead of the turbulent ones.

This morning the Gillette advert had been shared numerous times on my newsfeed, so I decided to take a look. A business that has built its brand around manly, macho men “Gillette, the best a man can get” Gillette adverts usually feature successful sports personalities or hunky models in suits with beautiful women on their arms.

Not this time, the latest Gillette advert features boys, dads, young and old men of different sizes, shapes, races and religions taking a long hard look in the mirror and asking, “is this the best a man can get?” Interspersed with clips of #metoo news articles, TV shows where women are objectified and clips of both men and women being bullied, the narrator makes it clear that the era of “boys will be boys” is over.

We then see clips of men setting an example to the younger generation, being respectful of women, being inclusive, kind and standing up for those who need help. The narrator ends by saying that men need to hold other men accountable, the boys who are watching the men of today will be the men of the future. The message on screen reading that it is only by challenging ourselves that we can be the best version of ourselves.

A few years ago, I don’t believe an advert like this would have been dreamt up in the marketing department of Gillette HQ, I am so happy to see this.

Watching the news this week that is full of Brexit, its hard not to focus on what a spectacular mess we have made over some aspects of society over the past two years. The Gillette advert really cheered me up! It made me think about how far we have come since the Harvey Winestein scandal broke out.

Today I am reading “feminist don’t wear pink….and other lies” a book created by the Gurl Up movement, I walk down the street and see a troupe of teenage girls break dancing, I turn on the TV and see female sports correspondents and football commentators, for the first time ever the SAS have allowed women in to selection and there are countless examples of businesses and individuals fighting for equal pay and equal rights.

I feel proud to call myself a feminist and to be part of a movement that is so inclusive that everyone is welcome.

The Gillette advert isn’t the only one that makes me smile, The Gym “so I can” features a diverse range of men and women explaining their motivations for hitting the gym. From “dance all night” to “help my mates” to “see my willy” and “live to 100” it is funny, touching and inclusive.

I am sure many people will look at these ads and think big corporations are trying to make profit by jumping on the band wagon. But I choose to see the recent shift in marketing tactics in a more positive light. I think it is great that these big corporations are promoting values of inclusivity, diversity and feminism.

At Model Students our slogan is “More than just Pretty Faces” as our agency grows and we are able to offer our models bigger opportunities it is wonderful to see our models featured in more adverts and campaigns knowing that they are model/law student, model/neuroscientist, model/dancer, model/mum and many more wonderful model/…….they are role models, the kind of people that you would want to inspire future generations, you can be more than just one thing!

In fact, it was several of our models sharing the Gillette advert on facebook that brought it to my attention. It is our models who I see on social media turning into political campaigners, animal rights activists, setting up their own businesses and most importantly showing solidarity and supporting each other in an industry that can be tough and competitive.

At a time of political, economical and environmental uncertainty it is a great comfort to see so many people taking action to make positive changes. Gillette we applaud you!

Anna xx