The BFMA stands for the The British Fashion Model Agents Association, which Model Students is now privileged to be a part of. Affiliated with The British Fashion Council and established in 1974, The BFMA aims to manage and protect models in an ethical and fair manner. So what does this mean for us?

We are one of ten agencies in the Association, amongst others like Boss, Storm and Premier modelling agencies. Being part of such a large organisation definitely has its benefits for us. As well as assisting with finding new models and clients alike, it is brilliant to be formally recognised for our efforts to be an open-minded and diverse agency.

One of the main aims of The BFMA is the safety and well-being of the models, this has always been a priority of ours as a company. For example, the Association is concerned with tackling issues like eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, for which the modelling industry has got a particularly bad name. By building awareness about these topics and working with charities and organisations like BEAT and Equity, the objective is to overcome them.

They are also very keen to promote diversity in the modelling business, ensuring that all of their agencies are as representative and inclusive as possible. They run regular meetings and conferences to discuss topics that affect  models, clients and agencies.

The BFMA website is a great reference point for budding models and those who are just starting out, offering plenty of guidance and advice, including how to avoid frauds and scams. With all the challenges faced by the modern modelling industry, it is important that there are actions in place to defeat them. Therefore, we are honoured to stand by The BFMA and continue to strive to be the best agency we can be.

Sophie xx