Before I came to university I had a reputation in my family for being a terrible cook. So I always thought that I would live in a catered accommodation. It can make life easier, as there’s no stress about cooking when you’re tired or have a lot of work to do and you don’t need to do regular food shopping.

Chia seeds aren’t cheap, but you don’t need very much to make a substantial amount of pudding just of a cup yields 4 servings here. Feel free to omit the cocoa powder and keep it vanilla, or play around with other flavours and fruit toppings. I love having jam jars of chia pudding in the fridge it makes a tasty portable, healthy breakfast.

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As well, costs for things like rent and dining out elsewhere in Panama can be much less (half as much or less) than in the capital. But to enjoy that level of affordability in this country today, you need to be ready to live a little more off the beaten path and to embrace a more local, rather than imported, lifestyle. My point in the context of Lagos is that it’s a center of the Old World destination, not an off the beaten path one, that is offering a bona fide affordable cost of living right now.