Especially single use (use and toss) plastic, has overstayed its welcome. Each year, 500 billion plastic bags are used once and thrown away but they never really go away. Discarded plastic bags clog waterways, harm wildlife, and languish in landfills, releasing toxic microplastics as they degrade over a period ranging from 10 to 10,000 years.

In round figures, the deal amounts to about $90 million in new money over the next two years, plus $10 million that was saved on lab tests and transferred over to the doctors. It’s divvied up among all the usual problem areas. Some is targeted for recruitment and retention.

Before [Travis] presented this hack at the Shmoocon fire talks, intuition guided me to look up this radio on Amazon. It was $140 with Prime, and the top vendor had 18 in stock. Immediately after the talk 20 minutes later the same vendor had 14 in stock.

What Jonathan Pitney saw in 1850 was the still undeveloped island that the Lenape Indians had named Absegami (“Little Sea Water”), but what he envisioned was a city by the sea, the queen of resort towns. Cape May was already a well established destination. Had ambition beyond dressing wounds and delivering babies; he owned 500 inland acres and wasn’t averse to speeding his return on investment.

EIA already has a strong debate culture and Arabic language program. Seven students recently won trophies at an inter school debate (in English) and all students must take one Arabic course until Grade 9. But none of the competing students is fluent in the language, so they be competing in a category for non native speakers..

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The reopening of the Port Hawkesbury mill has been the subject of intense negotiations over the past month. Last month, the provincial government announced a $124.5 million aid package to help Pacific West Commercial Corp. Buy the mill wholesale jerseys from NewPage and reopen it.

Actually the trendnet is on the list of supported hardware. I just don’t know cheap jerseys where to get the actual firmware. I would prefer to use the trendnet as the bridge because the WRT is currently the most important piece of my network and I don’t want to risk messing it up.”The more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war.”Mar 13, 2008, 02:15pm EDT.