It trivial. To the ATU, one person is hit by a bus every 10 days in North America. (scb). Close to home, the nighttime is the right time to go skiing in snowboarding in Connecticut. Frankly, paying up to $62 for a one day weekend ticket at a Connecticut ski area isn worth it; a few hours is more than enough. Better yet, buy online and that night ticket could be 10 bucks cheaper.

We used Gigabyte EasyTune 6 to monitor the CPU temperatures as we couldn find another program that would work properly on the recently released AMD FX 4100 CPU. At idle in a room that was 20 C (68F) we found the CPU to be running at 22C (71.6F). The internal system temperature was reported at 39C, which is strange, but we don know where that sensor is located..

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I also spent less money at the airport by only checking one bag. My husband and I shared one suitcase and packed the rest in a carry on. If you can do it, your best bet is to pack just a carry on because then you will pay absolutely nothing for your luggage.