Motorists are willing to spend a half hour to 45 minutes in line if it means spending just $1.07 a litre for gas. That was the case Wednesday when lines of trucks, cars and SUVs waited 20 deep at times outside the Chevron gas station on Eighth Street in North Kamloops. “You’re darn right it’s worth it.

Likewise, automatic transmission fluid should be red and clear. If it smells burned, that’s another warning. Brake fluid, antifreeze and power steering fluid should be fairly clear and above minimum levels.. There was a lot of music in the air, and perhaps a lot of aromatic smoke as well. But Borchard and others insist that the sharing, the music, the sheer enjoyment of your friends, was the main point. He noted that the household would have parties just about every week, at which the music really was central..

Since then, coal employment numbers have dropped across the country as the coal sector faced competition with other cheap fuels. More than 500 miners lost their jobs in Wyoming’s coal rich Powder River Basin in early 2016. Those positions have not all come back, though production steadily increased toward the end of the year..

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Remember Dave, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Which brings us directly to the present morass of budget deficits, increasing government roles in our lives, decreasing social well being as defined by debt, crime, health, family stability, drug use, etc. The Democratic cure is more of the same, with even less resistance from the ignorant public and their failure to appreciate the beneficence of Uncle Sam.

As the story continues titanium Fork the team grows. The journey/adventure starts on the 11th of October; Romeo took a bus to Murska Sobota where the equipment was stationed and where cars were rented (thanks to Vulkanizerstvo Franc Benki). A good friend S52ZW picked up Romeo from the bus station and drove him to his home where Romeo tried delicious Prekmurje cuisine.

In word and deed, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz made it clear this week that the economy is a long way from a strong recovery. He kept the bank’s benchmark interest rate at a stimulative 0.5 per cent. And his October Monetary Policy Report chopped growth forecasts to two per cent in 2016 and 2.5 per cent in 2017.