“Over 50 recruited athletes inquire about a sports management major each year,” said Jesse Ligo, chair, School of Business. “I’m looking forward to telling them the news that we not only offer it, but that it will provide deep rooted experiences that come with a liberal arts education, leading to dynamic career opportunities in sports and event planning after four years.”Marketing majors will take courses in accounting, business, economics, and public relations. Courses will be framed around the managerial approach for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value to customers, clients, partners, and society at large..

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Stars covered him too well. Without initially crediting Berry. The Beatles Together, written by John Lennon, was close enough to Berry Can Catch Me to inspire a lawsuit by music publisher Morris Levy. This is obviously costly in human terms. But it’s expensive in dollar terms, too. The success of Housing First points to a new way of thinking about social programs: what looks like a giveaway may actually be a really wise investment..

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As an example, imagine that a stock you own had a P/E ratio of 20 and an estimated growth rate over the next five years of 15%. In this instance your stock would have a PEG ratio of 1.33, or 20 divided by 15. In general, a stock with a PEG ratio of one or lower is considered a cheap stock by Wall Street’s standards.