No Shame is a chance to experience 15 works of art that you’ve never seen before and may never see again. Plus it’s cheap, it’s fun and it’s like nothing else in Carrboro. Show time. One reason why Paris will be so ineffective is the threat of energy poverty among the world poorest citizens is much more imminent and real than the undetermined risk of climate change. Some 17 percent of the world population more than 1 billion people lack access to electricity. About 35 percent have indoor cook stoves that burn wood and animal dung for their fuel, which have serious public health consequences.

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Surprise! Montreal can get hot and muggy. During our stay, temps reached the 90s but the music continued undaunted. We managed to claim a shady corner of the Heinekin tent for Lyse and the Hot Kitchen, a funky trio with styling and a Montreal edge. All that comes in the box is the charger. No cable is included. The price starts at $27.54..

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She has practiced her thrifty ways while enduring the multiple moves typical of a military family. With her husband, Jack, and two sons, Patrick, 24, and his older brother, John, who died eight years ago at age 20, she has moved around from Columbia, Md., to Germany, to Fort Campbell, Ky., to Fort Monroe. “We were five years at Fort Monroe, which I loved,” she says, claiming her brownie making skills kept them there longer than the usual assignment.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Santa Cruz, California One of the few boardwalk parks left on the West Coast, Santa Cruz is still a bustling hotspot. Flaunting more than 35 rides, the boardwalk brings in more than 3 million visitors annually. Fashioned after popular East Coast boardwalks, like Coney Island and Atlantic City’s, the Santa Cruz boardwalk prides itself on its current successes.

Has newer tires with an allignment done May 10th. Tow hitch installed. Engine mounts and front suspension components updated last year. With Walker work, the ubiquitous silhouette is not simply an aesthetic choice; it a historically significant one. Uses a very analog process, DiTillio says, like 19th century printmaking, 8 millimeter film and silhouettes. Silhouettes originated in France with the Marquis Etienne de Silhouette, an 18th century French finance officer of the court and a notorious penny pincher.